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Author Topic: Some ideas for the crit group we've been talking about on facebook  (Read 5192 times)
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« on: December 11, 2012, 08:01:52 pm »

Cindy Clark

i was with an online forum crit group for a few years that was based on a point system and it really worked great. though there's always the problem of one person still getting more crits then the next person.

Mary Hendrix

Did you do parts at a time with the forum, or entire manuscripts? I don't like submitting an entire manuscript at once, because 1) I don't want someone else *having* it all at once, and 2) I like to peer-review sections at a time to get more precise feedback that I can work with. Having the entire manuscript to go through is hard enough as a reviewer, but trying to read several reviewed manuscripts give me a headache...

Cindy Clark

that group worked with an email listing - you sent your works so many words at a time. i think the limit was 6,000 words or by a chapter or short story at a time.

(sadly your email got very cluttered by the time the week was over.)

After that you had a month to post two crits for two post to the forum where the writer had a thread for that short story or that novel chapter.

Each Crit is worth two points and it's three points to post. You had to post two a month to keep with the group, but you could post as many as crits as you wanted to get the points you needed.

There was however no rules on who you needed to crit. In the end I left the group after four months of not getting any crits and putting in all my crits each months.

Mary Hendrix

I like that system; it'd make it so that one person couldn't just completely take over without giving back... Though it'd be frustrating to have people stop responding.

Cindy Clark

right, that's what i liked about the group, you had to crit to post something.

I just am not sure how to get around having one person not have any crits. not if by the end of the month those with 0 crits get an extra point for those that crit that work?

Mary Hendrix

I would think, if no one responded to crit that work, the points could be refunded somehow. This way it could be remade, and whatnot. It'd also be cool to have it so that the writer - for a little extra points - could increase how many points a crit is worth for their post. That'd be neat, and offer incentive.

Cindy Clark

oh so allow a writer to offer some of their own points, making a crit worth three or four points, taking extra points from their own points?
That would be very interesting. It could also work as the first person that crits get's so many points more via the writer's choice

Mary Hendrix

Yup. Like, for example, I could offer up 6 points ontop of the 3 needed to post. Now, the first three people can earn 2 extra points (as that's how I chose to distribute it) for leaving their crit.

Cindy Clark

that would be really amazing. i wish my old crit group did that. i had like over 200 points when i left

Mary Hendrix

Yeah, if you could offer up +50 points, I'd bet you would have had people responding!

Cindy Clark

so true!

Mary Hendrix

Maybe we could coordinate with the email system right now (Mystie still collecting and emailing), and then having the responses go directly to the forum for review. This allows Mystie to help keep track of the points too.

Cindy Clark

that'll work.

on the group i was in, there was just a main board for everyone to post their own thread that they updated each month.

Mary Hendrix

It'd be a good idea to get Mystie and Utoxin in on this; they might have a good way to organize this. But I really like the forum idea now that I understand how it works

Cindy Clark

right. can you send all of these messages to someone else on facebook? - or i guess i could copy all of this and post it on the forum (the utah forum) so they can read it

i think using a private forum will really help keep the clutter down.

posted here to keep track of all this info.
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